Like many of my peers, my business model hasn’t been changed by COVID-19.  I worked from home before this crisis and I do now.  I offered on-line coaching before and I still do. 

What is online coaching?

But you may be wondering how online coaching works.  For some coaches, this means solely email based or app-based communications.  This is especially true in on-line personal training where once the fitness goal has been set, daily food intake is documented and weekly measurements and photos are uploaded for the trainer to review.  The trainer then issues a new exercise and diet plan accordingly.  

However, where I am concerned, other than the experience of sitting in the same room at the same time, my on-line coaching is very like an off-line session.  We use Facetime, Zoom or phone calls depending on where it is happening and how comfortable clients are with the technologies on offer.  All I ask is that my client can talk openly and without distraction.  On occasion, this has meant talking to clients as they sit in their car or on their bed shut away from the kids but it doesn’t matter so long as we can talk productively! 

The Change Agent in action

In between the 60 minute sessions, I stay in touch with clients via text, email or WhatsAapp.  Clients share news, challenges, successes and insights.  Draft CVs and job applications pass back and forth; proposals, homework and ideas in progress are shared for comment.  I find that most clients are happy to work like this.  They appreciate the flexibility on-line coaching offers; it is easier to fit in between other commitments or to add to the end of the day, and there’s no travel time involved. 

Finding an online coach.  A digital handshake.
A digital handshake is still safe

Finding the right online coach for you

Finding the online coach who’s right for you is pretty straight forward.  Ask for recommendations and read testimonials.  Search in coaching directories.  Most will offer, as I do, a free chemistry call so you can find out how they work and if you feel comfortable with them before committing. Check out their profiles and websites to see if their language resonates or their experience seems relevant to your coaching needs.  Find out how much interaction you will have and in what formats. Are you happy being email or app-based? Do you want visual communication? Find the approach that works for you. Of course, with on-line coaching you are not restricted by location and driving distance so you could work with a coach based anywhere in the world!

How coaching can help during the COVID-19 pandemic

There are coaches for all of life’s challenges; stress, anxiety, confidence, presentation skills and so on.  I focus on helping people bring their best and whole-hearted selves to their work because in my view, when you get the work bit right, the rest of life works that much better.  During the pandemic and its unfolding consequences, my coaching can support business owners with accountability and developing their emotional resilience.  We all need to stay focused on our plans and serving our clients and customers wherever and however we can.  Right?  But stress can make it difficult for us to find the positives and the workarounds. We can distracted by what we can’t do rather than focusing on the things we can do.  Coaching is a great way to get a fresh perspective on your situation and keep you energised and positive.   

If you are curious to know more, message me and we can have a chat.  Don’t forget that I am now offering one-off coaching sessions in addition to my packages.  These are designed for those of you who could do with a boost right now…and couldn’t we all!. 

Stay well,