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The changes I've made to my work and life
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“Approachable, personable, knowledgeable and highly professional”

Work can be a great expression of who you are; your talents, your values.  It energises you and that energy radiates to the people around you.  All too often, it’s the opposite.  Your best self stays at home while you do your best to get through the day. 

I’m Shirley and I help people who like me have at various times in their working lives found themselves thinking that there has to be more to work than this or surely it shouldn’t be that difficult?  I’ve been there but I know that coaching can help you get through the sticky patches to a working life that really works for you.

“Shirley has a substantial corporate experience which provides her with the informed platform to engage constructively and develop a deep relationship with her clients.”

I’ve had a variety of work roles – the good, bad and (sometimes) ugly – peppered with some great decisions, some poor decisions and plenty of drift. I worked in full-time employment and freelanced.

I am now in my third phase; running my own business.  I have come to understand what makes us happy in our work.

A consistent theme throughout my working life is “what’s next?” I look for progress, challenge and interesting roles without aiming for anywhere in particular. It hasn’t always been easy breezy.  I learned the hard way how my pluses can turn into negatives when overused and what exhaustion does to your thinking, and that because you can do a job doesn’t mean you should.  I don’t want anyone else to go through all that!

I love to see people happy in their work, achieving their goals and able to go to work each day knowing why they do what they do and able to give their best.   I hope to have the opportunity to do the same for you. 


Coach, property dabbler, business investor, mentor and big fan of Bournemouth’s seafront

I like to shake things up.  I really am a Change Agent.  In 2007 I walked away from a good job and in a good company because I’d just got too comfortable.  I enjoyed life as a perpetual “new girl” diving into projects at a variety of companies and working cultures until the commute and the projects became less interesting and more exhausting.  So in 2016 it was time to return to a notion I’d had for many years…my own coaching business. 

I shook things up again in 2019 by persuading my husband (Ian of Thrive Personal Training) that it was time to downsize.  We sold our house in Swindon (so big that the cat had a day room!), so we could invest in our property business and other businesses and realise another goal of living by the sea.  Now we live in a flat in Bournemouth, 5 minutes from the beach,  where in addition to supporting clients all over the UK with online coaching, I mentor a number of Dorset businesses.  

Having lived in land-locked hilly Swindon for 25 years, my legs really appreciate the relative ease of my Bournemouth seafront runs although there is always a chine to negotiate on the way home.  Give me a wave if you spot me running along the seafront.  The legs also appreciate a rest when I curl up on the sofa to hook up a blanket.  

I can honestly say that I am happy in my work and life!

My coaching style 

I am playful and challenging.  My approach is designed to help you overcome your roadblocks, see your situation with fresh perspective and  connect with what’s really important to you so you can have a working life that works for you and those you care about.

“Shirley is an intelligent and thoughtful coach. She’s inquisitive, engaging and collaborative.”

I can be provocative and cheeky but it is for good reasons and always appropriate.  It doesn’t help to take ourselves too seriously.  That said,  sometimes we need to go deep to explore beliefs and thought patterns, other times some serious whiteboard based action planning is called for.  I have a range of powerful tools and techniques available to me and work to a very loose framework which is designed to get results whilst being flexible to your needs. 

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“Warm, charming and honest, Shirley is a truly lovely person to work with. And if my experience is anything to go by, the help she offers is worth every penny.”