The Commitment

"A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there"

Coaching is a collaborative and challenging process which requires commitment, openness and honesty on both sides

You, the client commit to:

  • Setting the agenda: what has brought you here? how do you want me to help you?
  • being open and honest about failures as well as successes
  • moving outside your comfort zone as necessary
  • retaining responsibility for your actions and goals
  • being accountable for your results
  • acting on the steps you identify and agree and undertaking the homework suggested by The Change Agent
  • show up; mentally and physically

I, The Change Agent commit to:

  • giving you my undivided attention in our conversations
  • challenging your current thinking and perceptions as necessary
  • being direct and honest but never intentionally offensive or shocking
  • having only one agenda and that is to support you and your goals
  • using all my resources, including the power of my network, to help you wherever possible
  • being flexible in how and when we work together
  • treating our conversations with the utmost confidentiality (subject to legal and ethical considerations)