What is a Change Agent?


“an act or process through which something becomes different”

The Change Agent brings fresh perspective, experience and energy to a situation enabling an individual or team to:

  • See themselves and their situation from new, more helpful angles
  • Develop greater clarity on their purpose and goals
  • Find greater motivation and focus on their mission
  • Discover new directions and possibilities
  • Recognise their strengths and skills
  • Identify and overcome external or internal blockages to their success
  • Become more resilient in the fact of setbacks

In order to achieve their goals and reap the rewards of their efforts.


“a person or thing that takes an active role or produces a specified effect”

Some coaches and mentors tell you what to do and hold you accountable for doing it, others through careful questioning help you explore what you want to do and help you find your path.  As a change agent, I provide a unique mixture of both approaches so that you can:

  • Gain insight and practical help and advice where needed
  • Receive both support and challenge along the way
  • Move from talking to taking action quickly so you build a sense of progress and grow in confidence.

 This is because in addition to my skills and personal experience, clients benefit from:

  • The power of my network; access to mentors, business advisers, professional services, recruiters etc.
  • Psychometric testing if needed, to support skills development such as sales, management and leadership or workplace behaviours and team building
  • Practical help and advice including job applications, C.V. and Linked In profiles, preparation for interviews and assessment centres

Is it time for a change in your working life?